Ozone generator


49,10 + IVA


Every day we touch tools, toy, dresses, and food that have been exposed potentially with many different virus, bacteria and fungus. This is no more a problem thank to OZONEXT BAG KIT. This clever accessory in combination with DEFENDER is the best way for sanitize quickly various objects. Just fill the bag with the objects you’d like to sanitize, plug the bag to the generator and you’re ready to sanitize.

This revolutionary idea is also very quick and safe. Defender takes only 30 seconds to fill the bag with ozone. From this moment the ozone must stay 5 minutes for sanitize properly the objects inside the bag. These important features allow you to use OZONEXT BAG in your real daily life without caring of any additional protection.

The kit is ideal for all uses domestic and professional. OZONEXT BAG KIT is available for all Ozonext models complete with manifold and hose.